Shimane trip

We traveled to Shimane between June 18 and June 19.

This trip was a tour organized by a beautician association in Aichi Prefecture, so we went with many beauticians (about 400 people).

We stayed at “Hotel Ichihata” in Matsue city.
It is in front of the Lake Shinji.


In this region there is a traditional dance called “Dojo-Sukui”.


Shijimi clam is a local speciality in this region.


Izumo shrine is a famous shrine with marriage.
A huge rope is characteristic.


Izumo soba is famous in this region.


Adachi Museum is a garden that is recognized in the garden of Japan’s best for 15 consecutive years.


Shimane from Nagoya was quite far, but we can have lots of wonderful experiences for that, so if you can take a long consecutive holiday,please go ahead♪