“Feet massage” event notice

As a new menu in the near future
we will introduce “Feet massage“!

And we want many people to know the feet massage as much as possible,
so “Feet massage trial event” will be held for one day only!

◇ Date and time
7th October, 2018 (Sunday)
10 am – 6 p.m.

◇ We Offer it in a private space that no one can see.

◇ Contents,
· Try “Feet massage course” (feet only)
10 minutes 500 yen

· Try “Feet ~ calves massage course” (feet ~ calves)
20 minutes 1000 yen

※ Each course has foot bath so you don`t need to get ready in advance.
※ Tax including

◇ Recommended for this person!
・Legs swollen
・Legs cold
・Get tired easily
・troubled in bad sleep

Like the right foot of the image, swelling and blood circulation get improved with this feet massage!

◇ On the day the massage instructor will perform a feet massage!

◇ “Next time 1000 yen discount ticket” will be given to everyone who came for   this event!
You can use it in the regular Cockney’s Feet massage menu!

We look forward to your visit ^ ^

◇ Contact · Reservation
・TELL 052-433-2254
・MAIL cockney_hair_design@yahoo.co.jp

※Reservation priority


◇ Feet massage regular menu
(next time discount ticket correspondence)

・Feet massage course (feet only)
 20 minutes 2000 yen

・Feet ~ calves massage course(feet ~ calves)
 30 minutes 3000 yen

· Carbon foot bath course (feet ~ calves + carbon foot bath)
 35 minutes 3500 yen

※ without tax