We are now introducing high performance dryer.

That dryer’s name is “ELEMEA DRY ”.


This can dry the hair to health by the effect of far infrared rays.

There’s more. This dryer has temperature controller.

If you are interested, please come to see this in Cockney.

Thank you !

ELEMEA DRY ¥18000(+Tax)

New year’s holiday notice

Thank you for always supporting us.

Cockney will be closed due to new year’s holiday between 31st Dec – 4th Jan.
We will be back on 5th Jan from 11am.

Thank you so much for everything this year.
I wish you all happy new year.
We’re looking forward to seeing you again next year.


Kyoto 1day torip

We went to Arashiyama at the Hairdresser union event in November.


We saw the traditional dance of Maiko there.




After that we went to ”Mikami Shrine” which is a shrine of hair.