We will introduce it so we will begin selling a cool and healthy new hair color!

That name is “Hue”!

It has acquired “Vegan Certification” and “Halal Certification”.
It is evidence that it is gentle on the world standards!

This time she want to leave bright hair around the face, so protect the hair around the face with foil.

And it is “HUE GLOSS ” to use for hair ends!
It is the first gross color in Japan!
It is like a gel.

In the United States, common sense is widely endorsed that “It is impossible to add alkaline color once again to hair using alkali color already.”
Huegloss also incorporates that idea.

This is the image just after finishing painting the color.
It’s amazing shine and moisture!

This is the completion form!

Just leaving bright hair around the face makes it a gorgeous hair color!

Extremely low alkalinity.
Plenty of plant nutrition is included.
By arranging the cuticle, it reflects light.

These factors enabled healthy and shining hair color!

Please come to experience Hue in Cockney!

       Before                                         After



     Before                                After



◆Hue Regrowth Tint  ¥5500 (+¥500 for Normal Regrowth Tint)

◆Hue Gloss …We will use the Hue Gloss for the part of the hair which already has color.

・Short     ¥7500(+¥2000 for Normal One Process Color S)
・Midium  ¥8500(+¥2500 for Normal One Process Color M)
・Long     ¥9500(+¥3000 for Normal One Process Color L)
☆If you want to combine with Hue Regrowth Tint, add the above price + ¥ 500

※Without tax

2th anniversary of Cockney


Thanks to everyone’s always supporting us, 2 years have passed since we moved the salon.

With all our gratitude, we’re going to give COCKNEY ORIGINAL BOOKMARKER to everyone who come to our salon.

It’s a limited number, and first-come, first-served item from April.
Please don’t miss it!

Thank you for your continuous support.

Hair Show

On Monday, February 12, Genki and Godai appeared at the hair show!


Hair show is New York Team · Nagoya Team · Paris Team
It is divided into three teams,

Godai is New York Team


Genki appeared in the Paris team


It was a very good experience!

Thank you!


We are now introducing high performance dryer.

That dryer’s name is “ELEMEA DRY ”.


This can dry the hair to health by the effect of far infrared rays.

There’s more. This dryer has temperature controller.

If you are interested, please come to see this in Cockney.

Thank you !

ELEMEA DRY ¥18000(+Tax)

New year’s holiday notice

Thank you for always supporting us.

Cockney will be closed due to new year’s holiday between 31st Dec – 4th Jan.
We will be back on 5th Jan from 11am.

Thank you so much for everything this year.
I wish you all happy new year.
We’re looking forward to seeing you again next year.


Kyoto 1day torip

We went to Arashiyama at the Hairdresser union event in November.


We saw the traditional dance of Maiko there.




After that we went to ”Mikami Shrine” which is a shrine of hair.